Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool
Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool
Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool
Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool
Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool
Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool

Ultimate Pool Package 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool

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Looking for the Ultimate Pool Package?

Look no further than our 21' Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool.


52 inch heavy gauge galvanized steel wall

Pebble Springs Ez Beaded Pool Liner (Better than Overlap or Beaded J hook liners because Easy Installation, Durability, and Customizable) 

Free Ez Clip Receiver for pool liner

Upgraded 23" Sand filter (Better than a Cartridge Filter because of Cost, Longevity, Efficiency, and Ease of Maintenace) 

1.5 Hp. Pump


Free Delivery on all pools

But that's not all, with this package you will get a variety of other items such as a Classic Ladder, a Biltmore Ladder with Deck Attachments, Smart 360 return light, Smart top rail led lights pack of 4, a Patriot Vacuum, a Large Embassy Maintenance Kit, a Happy Pool Bottom Cove, a Supreme Winter Cover, a Skimmer Winterizing Kit, and an E-Z Clip Receiver.

Why is an Upgraded sand filter the best. 
A sand pool filter is generally considered better than a cartridge filter for several reasons:
    • Cost: Sand filters are typically less expensive than cartridge filters. The sand can be replaced for a relatively low cost, while cartridge filters can be costly to replace.
    • Longevity: Sand filters have a longer lifespan than cartridge filters. The sand can last for several years before needing to be replaced, while cartridge filters need to be replaced more frequently.
    • Efficiency: Sand filters are more efficient at trapping debris and dirt. The sand traps debris as small as 20 to 100 microns, while cartridge filters can only trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns.
    • Ease of maintenance: Sand filters are easier to clean and maintain than cartridge filters. You can simply backwash the sand filter to clean it, while cartridge filters require more frequent cleaning and replacement.
Overall, a sand pool filter is a more cost-effective, efficient, and practical choice for maintaining your pool's water quality.
Why is Ezbead Liner better than an overlap or Beaded J Hook Liners 
  • Easy installation: The EZ Clip system allows for hassle-free installation and removal of the liner without the need to disassemble your pool's deck or top rail.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, EZ Clip liners are resistant to punctures, tears, and fading, providing a longer-lasting solution compared to J-hook liners.
  • Customizable options: EZ Clip pool liners come in various patterns and colors, allowing you to personalize the look of your pool.
Overall, the EZ Clip pool liner is a superior option due to its ease of installation, durability, customizable options, and compatibility with different pool types.

Features: The Sterling Above Ground Swimming Pool has sturdy 9" wrap-around top rails and uprights. Sophisticated, silver toned colored resin top connectors. The attractive, 52 inch heavy gauge galvanized steel wall offers maximum strength durability and corrosion resistance. All oval Sterling Pools have buttress free, compact supports on ovals. Backed by a 20 year manufacturer's warranty.]

Pebble Springs Beaded Pool Liner 

Lomart's premium Pebble Springs pool liner is available in the beaded style. The Pebble Springs is designed to snap securely into the pool's bead receiver track, which makes installing the pool liner a "snap"! 

Lomart and Embassy pool liners are manufactured by Doughboy at their modern manufacturing facility in Arkansas. They use a special blend of natural, raw materials that ensure top-quality vinyl for all Lomart liners. The ultraviolet inhibitors protect the liner from the sun's rays as well as enhance longer life. In addition, all Lomart and Embassy liners are sealed with Fusion-Weld™ a sealing technique which provides durability and superior quality.

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